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Sarah Beran

Fairy Tales ~ Fantasy ~ Faith

New Release!

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A wandering prince. An immortal sorcerer. A myth reborn.

Prince Ivan has never been very good with directions. After wandering off the path and losing his way in the mountains of Autumn, he stumbles into a beautiful garden full of incredibly life-like statues. Even more surprising, the garden is home to a long-forgotten creature remembered only in bedtime stories and nursery tales: a Phoenix. Intrigued, Ivan decides to stick around, only to discover that the garden is home to more inhabitants than a lone firebird.

Anastasia can’t remember anything from her past other than an endless cycle of fire and ash. As a prisoner of the sorcerer Koschei, it seems like death and flames are all that the future holds for her as well. When a handsome stranger stumbles into her cage, pieces of her forgotten past begin to resurface, and something that feels suspiciously like hope sparks to life inside her. Could it really be possible that a life exists for her outside of Koschei’s garden?

But the garden holds more surprises than a firebird and an amnesic maiden. Armed only with a Phoenix feather and his terrible sense of direction, Ivan is determined to free Anastasia from the web of mystery and enchantment. Will one wish be enough to destroy an immortal sorcerer and fan their love into flames, or will both Ivan and Anastasia go down in smoke and ashes?




Sarah lives in sunny southern California with her husband, two small children, and dog Pippin. An elementary music teacher by day, when she is not writing or devouring books she spends her free time running, making music, or playing make believe.



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