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Large Castle

Tales of Eukarya

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Chords of Green and Gold

Rumpelstiltskin meets the Frog Prince...

Prince Dorian of Anura has been looking a little green lately...literally. After an encounter with a disgruntled princess, a curse has left him with a rather frog-like appearance. Desperate to find a woman to break his son's curse, King Ion decides to host a lavish, golden ball. The only problem? The kingdom is short on funds, and the king's grand plans could send their small kingdom into bankruptcy.

Lydian Miller has always been her father's pride and joy. In fact, he is so proud of her skills as an artist that he drunkenly claims one night that she could turn straw into gold if she wanted to. These claims reach the king of Anura, and before she knows what is happening, Lydian finds herself locked in a room full of straw. The king has one order: turn the straw into golden party decorations or forfeit her life. All seems lost...until a funny, green-looking fellow arrives with just the help she needs.

Who is her mysterious savior? Why is the golden ball so important? And who would even want her firstborn child, anyway?

My Fair Mermaid

The Little Mermaid meets Pygmalion…


Maribel has learned to stay quiet. As an orphan relying on the generosity of family, and with six outspoken and energetic cousins, silencing her own voice is often the easiest way to keep the peace and ensure her own acceptance.


After helping her cousin rescue Prince Frederick from a shipwreck, Maribel finds herself as the unwitting accomplice in her cousin’s plot to marry the human prince. The plan is simple: Maribel will distract Frederick’s grumpy best friend, Professor Hadrian Higsley, so that the scheming mermaid can cozy up to the prince.

Between a friendly wager over slippers, her growing attraction to a certain translator, the appearance of a foreign fiancée, and an increasingly desperate cousin, Maribel finds it harder and harder to remain a silent observer. Will she finally find the courage to speak? Or will the little mermaid choose once again to give up her voice?

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