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The Order of the Fountain series

Second Star to the Right

The prince of Norland is missing.

Orphaned twice over, Pan has spent his life under the control of the cunning and ruthless pirate captain, Lesard. Though desperate to both retain his morality and gain his freedom, he lives in constant fear of the consequences his choices could have on Smee, the only friend he has. When the enigmatic Hook joins Lesard’s crew and hatches a plot to help the captain break into the royal vault in Montaigne, Pan is offered his chance: if he helps Lesard gain entry to the vault, he and Smee will be allowed to leave the pirate life behind. If he is discovered, however, he could face a life in prison and for Smee the consequences would be far worse.

Melanie Charmant, the princess of Montaigne, has followed the search for the missing prince of Norland--the Lost Boy--for as long as she can remember. With the aid of the Order of the Fountain, she discovers that not only does Lesard hold the key to the prince’s disappearance, the nefarious pirate is also plotting to get his hands on the secret of Neverland--a spring of water that, according to legends, can bestow healing and perhaps even eternal youth. All Pan wants to do is finish his mission and so he and Smee can start over. All Melanie wants is to see the prince safely home and Neverland untouched. As their paths cross, will they find a way to trust each other with their secrets and protect Neverland from Lesard? Or is the gap between a pirate and a princess too great?


Princess of the Beans

Jack is impulsive. As a member of the Order of the Fountain--a network of information and intelligence gatherers charged with protecting Montaigne--that usually means he’s quick to think on his feet and adapt to his situation. But when the youngest princess of Provensaal is kidnapped from her father’s ship by a crew of pirates, Jack’s impulsive nature leads him to be presumed dead and far from home. With a couple of “magic” beans as his only lead to go on, he soon finds out that there is much more to the princess’ disappearance than previously thought.

Rapunzel is a planner, and having her ship attacked by pirates and finding herself locked away in a tower in the middle of the forest was definitely not a part of her plan. Neither was tending to a garden full of beans for the famed pirate captain Lesard. When Jack shows up and climbs through her tower window, she jumps at the chance to plan her escape.

As Jack and Rapunzel learn more about the beanstalks, they discover that Lesard has something planned that could possibly threaten both of their countries. But when Jack is betrayed, it will take both careful planning and quick thinking to keep the magic beans from ending up in the wrong hands.

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Maiden of the Sea

It all started one dark and stormy night…

After a foolhardy rescue attempt in the middle of a raging storm, Ariel found herself crippled and robbed of the one thing she had always taken for granted--her legs. As an initiate to the Daughters of the Creator, she strove to find meaning and purpose in her life through service to others, and tried to convince herself that saving the life of the Earl of Ashland’s young son was worth the price of her legs. But despite all that, in her deepest parts she still dreams of the day she will be able to dance again. Twelve years later, a meeting with the mysterious (and probably completely untrustworthy) Captain Lesard leaves with her greatest wish fulfilled: he can restore her legs to her for three days if she agrees to help him find the treasure hidden in Davy Jones’ locker--but the cost is her voice.

Davy Jones, heir to the Earl of Ashland, has been on the trail of Captain Pierre Lesard for almost a year, ever since he discovered the nefarious pirate had been the one keeping his cousin Pan captive. Lesard has evaded capture twice, but the newest trail leads Davy and his friend John Childs to the island country of Maregar. Davy remembers well the site of his near death, and the voice of the girl who rescued him still haunts his dreams at night. With Lesard as his excuse, he can finally return and express the proper gratitude to the girl who saved him all those years ago.

When their paths collide, Ariel and Davy race against Lesard to find the locker and the treasure he believes is hidden inside. As her time slips away, Ariel is forced to make a choice: Will she take Lesard’s offer and have her legs restored permanently? Or can she give up the dream she has been holding onto for years in order to once again save Davy’s life?


The Twelve Virtuosos

Rowan Jardinier, seventh child of the king of Provensaal and even further in line for the throne, has never minded his position as a Royal Forester. It keeps him from having to deal with the politics and games of the court and--more importantly--from the scheming mothers and young ladies intent on using him as a line to the king’s ear. No, he is perfectly content with his solitary life in the woods...

Then a misplaced letter arrives on his desk and he enters into a correspondence with a woman as intriguing and charming as she is slightly ridiculous. Aria is unlike any of the women at court, and he finds himself growing increasingly interested in his new friend, though they have never met face to face.

A series of unfortunate events calls him away from home, and when he is finally able to return he is confronted with a disturbing reality:

Aria is not responding to her letters, and those close to her are concerned that she and twelve of her classmates at the famed Leroux Conservatory of Music and Dance are involved in something strange. They disappear night after night, and none of the singers, musicians, or dancers can say what they are doing.

After enlisting the aid of the Order, Rowan leaves on a fact-finding mission to discover just what is going on at the Conservatory. When devious plans and a fanatical instructor come to light, will Rowan be able to save the twelve virtuosos in time?


The Healer and the Huntsman

A dying country. An evil queen. A hidden princess. A man without a past.

Fiona Garnette, the castle healer in Vespara’s capital city of Derkar, wants nothing more than to spend her life caring for the people of her beloved homeland. However, after nearly a century under the rule of an evil and power-hungry queen, that task is not nearly as simple as it should be. Queen Morrigan’s use of dark magic and rejection of the Creator has left Vespara dying, slowly draining both the people and land of health and resources. The heir to the throne lays sleeping under a curse in a tall, forgotten tower and Fiona despairs of finding a way to wake her. To make matters even more complicated, Fiona has a secret she must guard from everyone–especially the queen.

Her life depends upon it.

Then an injured foreigner is found wandering the woods near the castle. The man–known only as the Huntsman–has no memory of his past life or how he came to cross the border from Montaigne. His arrival sets off a chain of events destined to change the course of Vespara forever.

Lives are in danger and secrets are revealed. When faced with a darkness nearly a century in the making, will one healer be enough to restore life to an entire country?


The Swan and the Slipper

All she wanted was to be useful.

Now she’s cursed to be a swan.

Seamstress Odette Cygnesson has spent her whole life striving to be useful, but her mother remains cold and critical and the people of Vespara can’t seem to look past her dubious heritage and see that she is nothing like her infamous father. When the regent offers her a spot in the Vesparan peace delegation to neighboring Montaigne, she jumps at the chance. This could finally be her chance to start over.

But an evil enchanter has other designs in mind for the delegation, and Odette finds herself cursed and her identity stolen. As a swan by day except for the hours between sunset and midnight, there is not much she can do to help Montaigne, and she despairs of finding someone willing to help break her curse.

After all, swans are not very useful.

But a chance meeting with the prince changes everything. Soon, a plot involving a baron’s daughter-turned-servant, an evil stepmother, and a royal ball comes together, and Odette discovers that perhaps she might not be as useless as she thinks. But when mistaken identities and past histories come to light, will Odette still find a way to break her curse? Or will she be doomed forever to spend life as a swan?


Beauty from the Beast

He’s become a beast.

She was a sleeping beauty.

Princess Talia has finally awoken after a 100-year sleep caused by a curse cast by her mother, Queen Morrigan. She wakes to find herself in a world completely different than the one she knew, and set to inherit the crown of a country she no longer recognizes. Shadows of the curse remain, and Talia finds herself in a recurring battle against the evil within.

While on a diplomatic visit to the neighboring country of Montaigne, Talia seeks a respite from the politics and ever-watchful eyes of the court and breaks into what she thought was an abandoned tower. Instead of an empty room, she discovers the space occupied by a charming, dangerously handsome rogue…and an impressive collection of books.

The devilishly charming man is none other than Captain Pierre Lesard, the notorious pirate who is currently imprisoned as a punishment for his many crimes. Though his dark past haunts him, a tenuous friendship forms between the two. When Talia finds herself taken by the evil witch Carabosse in a final bid for power, Lesard is the only one who can find the witch's castle and rescue her.

Lesard has three days until the last rose petals fall and Talia is lost forever. In order to save her, he will have to work together with those he has wronged, proving that he has truly left his past ways behind. When the end comes, a final sacrifice must be made, and Talia and Lesard discover whether or not true love is strong enough to bring beauty from the beast.

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