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Seasons of Music and Magic

Seasons of Music and Magic is a series of four retellings of fairy tales found in classic operas and ballets, each featuring a unique cast of endearing characters, sweet romance, humor, and a happily-ever-after. The stories stand alone and can be read in any order, so experience the music and magic of Faerie at any time.

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A missing princess. A magic flute. An adventure retold.


Prince Tamric Madeus was expecting nothing more than a routine tour of the Spring Court. When an encounter with a dragon disrupts all of his carefully laid plans, his mysterious rescuers tell him the tale of a captive princess held by a powerful enchanter. As a second-born prince with a penchant for scholarship rather than physical prowess, Tamric leaps at the chance to become the hero that he’s always wanted to be.


After running away from home, Princess Mina finds herself in a bit of a bind. Her search for the mysterious Shield of the Sun has led her to nothing but a dead end, her steps are dogged by a dark and looming figure, and the help she was hoping to enlist is nowhere to be found.


With the aid of his flute, a bird-brained companion, and a little bit of magic, will Tamric be able to rescue the princess? Or is there more to the story than first meets the eye?

*Chapters 1-6 are previously published on Kindle Vella.

Summer of the Summoned Sword.jpg

A princess accused of murder. A knight without a name. A legend retold.

Elsa Brabant, princess of the Summer Court, has learned to maneuver her way around the scheming and political intrigue that have plagued Summer since the death of her uncle, the late King. The constant tension and peacemaking are exhausting, which is why she’s glad she has her older brother Geoffrey at her back.

Until suddenly she doesn’t, and murder charges are being hurled at her feet.

Sir Lowen Green has never been able to stay in one place for long, constrained as he is by the effects of a curse cast in his infancy—it’s hard to make a home when no one can ask you your name. Despite his forced transiency, Lowen is determined to make every moment count, and has taken on the role of champion for the inhabitants of Faerie, and so when news of unrest in the Summer Court reaches him, he dutifully answers the call.

Sir Green expects to find trouble; what he doesn’t expect is the captivating princess of Summer. For the first time in his life, he begins to have hope that his curse can be broken, and he finds that winning the tournament for the crown is not nearly as important as winning Elsa’s heart. But even if he does win, how will a princess love him when she can’t even ask his name?

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A wandering prince. An immortal sorcerer. A myth reborn.

Prince Ivan has never been very good with directions. After wandering off the path and losing his way in the mountains of Autumn, he stumbles into a beautiful garden full of incredibly life-like statues. Even more surprising, the garden is home to a long-forgotten creature remembered only in bedtime stories and nursery tales: a Phoenix. Intrigued, Ivan decides to stick around, only to discover that the garden is home to more inhabitants than a lone firebird.

Anastasia can’t remember anything from her past other than an endless cycle of fire and ash. As a prisoner of the sorcerer Koschei, it seems like death and flames are all that the future holds for her as well. When a handsome stranger stumbles into her cage, pieces of her forgotten past begin to resurface, and something that feels suspiciously like hope sparks to life inside her. Could it really be possible that a life exists for her outside of Koschei’s garden?

But the garden holds more surprises than a firebird and an amnesic maiden. Armed only with a Phoenix feather and his terrible sense of direction, Ivan is determined to free Anastasia from the web of mystery and enchantment. Will one wish be enough to destroy an immortal sorcerer and fan their love into flames, or will both Ivan and Anastasia go down in smoke and ashes?

*Trigger Warning* This book contains mention of both emotional abuse and manipulative behaviors.


A cursed captain. A spectral ship. A legend returns.

Captain Casperion Helmrud is dying for the day he can finally set foot on shore. After a deal with a Fae gone wrong, Casper and his entire crew have been cursed to wander the seas of the Faerie realm, trapped in a ghostly half-existence. The curse can only be broken if he can find a woman who will be true to him until death—a seemingly insurmountable task for a man only able to walk on land for a week every seven years.

Sienna Denereid has had her fill of romance and sailors alike. Jilted at the altar by her ex-fiance, all the young nymph wants to do is live quietly with her father, tend to her family’s lighthouse in the Winter Court, and perhaps daydream about the legends of the dashing, mysterious captain known only as The Flying Dutchman. When her father’s life is saved by a dark, enigmatic sailor during a fierce Winter storm, Sienna finds herself suddenly at the center of a mystery involving a series of strange shipments, a ghostly ship, and an unexpected proposal.

With enemies old and new conspiring to keep them apart, will Casper and Sienna finally find safe harbor for both their hearts? Or will the Flying Dutchman and his crew be doomed to wander forever in the wind?

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