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Stand Alones

Callie and the Pumpkin Seed

Part of the "Autumn Fairy Tales"

She’s a baker struggling to support her stepfamily. He’s a prince running from the biggest decision of his life. Can their friendship result in something sweet, or is it a recipe for disaster?

Calliope Cendrillon wants nothing more than for her bakery, “Sweet Pea’s Pumpkin Perfections,” to start turning a profit. After her father’s sudden death left her family in dire financial straits, Callie’s infamous pumpkin treats are the only thing standing between protecting her father’s legacy and losing it all.

When Ever, one of Callie’s new regulars, presents her the chance to cater treats for the prince’s Choosing Ball, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. But Ever has secrets he’s been hiding, and when her attendance and premature exit catches the eye of the prince, Callie finds herself participating in a series of unconventional tests. Trying to find a girl using her slipper was unbelievable enough, but finding a worthy princess using a pumpkin seed? That takes the cake.

When a single pumpkin seed has the power to change Callie’s future, will she be able to cater to her heart? Or will her dreams of true love burn to a crisp?

Crack a Soldier ebook.jpg

To Crack a Soldier

Part of the "Shattered Tales"

A broken soldier. A wooden ballerina. When battle comes, can Alex use his gifts to defeat the Mouse King?

Alexander Monde may have survived the war with Brisia in one piece, but that doesn’t mean he’s not broken. His family, his home, and his friends are all gone, leaving him just a shell of the man he once was. When a mysterious visitor arrives at the army hospital the night of the winter solstice, Alex is given a gift that will change his life forever: a ballerina doll.

When midnight arrives and his ballerina comes to life, a battle ensues between the dancer and Mouse King. The mirror gateway to Faerie is broken, and Alex finds himself stranded in a new and completely unfamiliar world. Worse still, a wound from the recent battle is causing him to slowly become more and more wooden and stiff as time goes on. As the sprightly ballerina slowly begins cracking the shell of his heart, will Alex be able to find the missing pieces of the mirror and restore the gateway? Or will the Mouse King come out victorious against the wooden soldier?

Wishful Hope Cover real.jpeg

A Wishful Hope

Part of the "Hope Ever After" Series

Can one find hope when a happy ending seems like nothing more than wishful thinking?

If there’s one thing the streets have taught Dan, it’s that the future is only guaranteed for those with enough money and power to buy their happy ending. When a crooked magistrate condemns him to a lifetime of service to a ruthless treasure hunter, his own life suddenly seems hopeless…until he stumbles upon a treasure that could secure the very future he wishes for.

Bound in service to a magical lamp, all Aida has known for the last thousand years is a lonely and frustrating existence, watching the world pass by from the confines of her lamp and fulfilling everyone’s wishes but her own. But her newest master is nothing like the greedy, power-seeking men that came before, and Aida quickly devises a plan to finally get the one thing that will give her the life she wants: the prince.

A bargain is struck, three wishes exchanged, and Aida and Dan are both sure they will finally get the futures they’ve dreamed of. But when the treasure hunter returns, intent on claiming Aida’s power for his own, will they be able to keep a hold on their freedom? Or is a Happily Ever After the one wish that can never be granted?

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